"This is your Life Video!" - Available on DVD!

There is an old expression that goes, "Everyone has a story to tell". Well, we believe that everyone has a story to "show"

A Life Video is your personal "This is your Life" video record that we creatively design and professionally produce for you.

Do you have a story to tell, reason for a Life Video? Most People Do.

  • Your parents celebrating 50 years of marriage
  • Your brother or sister who has overcome a remarkable disability.
  • The single mom who raised several children who now appreciate their mothers incredible contribution.
  • Your Life Achievements.
  • The life and times of someone special.

The Process is Simple:

1. We interview you and other people to get familiar with the story you want to tell. We often record these interviews and use parts of them in the final video.

2. At the same time, you start collecting the materials for your video-photographs, movies, home videos, awards, diplomas, newspaper stories, etc. You'll organize these however we determine during the first interview.

3. You then come to our Ervin to show us your collection and help us become even more familiar with your story.

4. Then we begin assembling all of the parts of your Life Video, including your materials, music, voice over narration and on-camera interviews.

5. Finally, we schedule a date with your for the "premier" of your Life Video. It's an exciting event, one that you may bring other family members to watch.

6. After making any minor changes to the master, we can then produce as many copies as you wish.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction so call or contact us today!